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Core Strengthening

| August 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

Core strengthening, also refered to as spinal stabilization exercises, target the abdominal and low back muscles in order to prevent back injury and/or decrease low back pain.  A strong core acts as a natural back brace decreasing the risk of injury during lifting activities.

Specific muscles targeted during core training include the transversus abdominis, internal and external obliques, quadratus lumborum, and paraspinals – including the small multifidi.  Strengthening these muscles decreases back pain from hyperflexibility, or instability of the low back.  Any corresponding type muscles should be stretched to improve muscle balance.

core strenght muscles

Targeted core exercises include crunches, planks, bridges, and lumbar extensions.  Specific types of exercise such as yoga, Pilates or plyometrics also incorporate a lot of core strengthening and stabilization exercises.  When incorporating exercise classes, it is important to find one at the appropriate level.  Beginners are more likely to be injured when jumping into more advanced training programs before they have developed the appropriate flexibility and strength.



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Christopher Burton, M.D.

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