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Story example:

Treating Whiplash

by Christopher Burton

We’ve all heard the jokes about the driver who wore a neck brace and claimed to have whiplash in order to con someone into paying big money for injuries. It may happen, but in reality whiplash is no laughing matter.

Most injuries from whiplash occur as a result of a rear-end or side-impact motor vehicle collision. This happens when the head and neck of the occupant of the front vehicle are forced into hyperextension. Falls or violent collisions in contact sports are other scenarios where whiplash occurs, surprisingly more frequently in women than in men.

Victims of whiplash usually feel neck pain and stiffness within 24-48 hours after the collision. They also could experience any or all of these symptoms:

Initial treatment can include anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxers, ice, and gentle stretching exercises. Neck braces should be avoided because they tend to worsen the stiffness and contribute to loss of range of motion. Your Physiatrist may also recommend physical therapy, or perform injections into the muscle to relieve pain and increase healing time.

Most whiplash victims recover fully within 6-12 months after their accident, with appropriate treatment.

Quote example:

Success is full of challenges and speed bumps in part because it doesn’t like tourists. – Kyle Wilson